Passenger Assistant Training Scheme (PATS)

PATS ( Passenger Assistant Training Scheme) is a nationally recognised course of training for people whose role it is to provide care and assistance to passengers travelling by road.

Following the MiDAS modular format, PATS training covers the needs of staff performing the role of passenger assistant (Escort) on a vehicle.

This course is currently being conducted with Care Homes, Schools, Taxi companies wishing to have local authority contracts and voluntary organisations such as Chiltern Dial-a-Ride


These are the Five PATS modules:

  • Module A: The Role of the Passenger Assistant This is a compulsory module that all need to complete.
  • Module B1: Passenger Awareness and Assistance
  • Module B2: Assisting Passengers who travel in their Wheelchairs
  • Module C1: Supervising Children and Young People with Special Needs
  • Module C2: Working with Adults Who Require Care and Supervision

Some potential benefits of carrying out PATS training

  • Improve their own and their passenger‘s safety and comfort
  • Help the company or organisation to be awarded local council contract
  • Gain formal accreditation for the work they do



Passenger Assistant Training Scheme

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Passenger Assistant Training Scheme

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