As proud supporters of Ben, whose mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of those connected to the automotive industry, we want to help them highlight Men’s Health Week. In particular, prostate cancer.

Too often, in our work within the motor industry, we witness men who work hard and pay too little attention to their health. It’s not necessarily typical of the motor industry, of course. Sadly, it seems to be common across the board, especially with the busy, stressful lives many of us lead today.

Ben has shared the poignant story of Derren and his fight against prostate cancer. We’re sharing a few facts you should know about this debilitating disease:

  1. As the headline suggests…

This week is Men’s Health Week, an opportunity to highlight the health issues facing the male half of the species!

  1. The prostate is the size of a walnut

It’s a gland that sits underneath your bladder and helps to make semen. It usually grows as men get older.

  1. In most cases, men with prostate cancer show no signs or symptoms

But some things may mean you could progress to more serious issues. They include weak flow, blood in your urine and straining when peeing. 37% of people diagnosed late will have a tough time being cured, so keep an eye out for odd changes!

Your GP will take a urine test to rule out any urine infections and administer the PSA blood test. This is an important step in diagnosing prostate cancer because it can help indicate whether or not there are problems with your prostate gland.

  1. Do you carry the genetic marker for prostate cancer?

It’s a good idea to know your family health history and watch for the signs mentioned above to pick up any potential problems early before they become a symptom.

  1. In the UK, 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime

So it’s important to take care of your “little walnut”. With a growing number of men living to age 80 and beyond, prostate cancer is becoming more prevalent, and the risks increase with age. Prostate cancer can be devastating if it goes untreated or undetected – so keep an eye on that walnut!


Two things you may not know…

Prostate Cancer is not only prevalent in older men. A study showed that 10% of diagnosed cases today were in males under the age of 55.  And the female equivalent of the prostate is the Skene Glands.


And finally…

‘Being busy’ cannot be an excuse and allow us to become our own lowest priority. Pay attention to how you feel, look for the signs something could be wrong, and seek help and support from your GP and incredible charities like Ben.

You can watch Derren’s story here.