Health and Safety for Display Screen Users E-Learning Course

The aim – The aim of the course is to help display screen users reduce the risk of harm from using computers at work

Who the course is for – Everyone in the workplace who uses computers. Although primarily aimed at those who habitually use DSE as a significant part of their work, it will benefit all those who use computers to undertake some part of their work.

On completion of the course learners will know how to:

  • Recognise early signs of problems in their health from DSE use
  • Report problems and concerns regarding their equipment or its use
  • Adjust the whole workstation to find the most comfortable and ergonomically correct working position
  • Organise and carry out their work safely

Duration: – 20 – 30 minutes

Content: – The course is divided into three interactive modules:

Assessment: Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question multiple-choice test which when taken and passed will allow you to print off a certificate as proof of completion.

A pass grade will then unlock the DSE self-assessment where users will answer a number of questions in relation to their DSE use. 

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Costs of Next Course

£15 + VAT 

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