Fire Wardens E-Learning Course

The aim – The aim of the course is to provide fire wardens with sufficient knowledge and training in fire safety matters to enable them to assist the responsible person in compliance with their legal obligations.

Who the course is for – This awareness course is suitable for anyone who has been nominated to act as a fire warden (or fire marshal) for their organisation.

On completion of the course learners will know how to:

  • Prevent fires from starting
  • Slow down the spread of fires in buildings
  • Carry out typical fire warden functions
  • Carry out workplace fire inspections
  • Select suitable fire extinguishing equipment for various types of fire.

Duration  – 20 – 30 minutes

Content – The course is divided into two interactive modules:

Module 1 – The principles of fire. In this module learners will discover how and why fires start and how they spread through buildings. They will also understand the principles of fire prevention and fire protection including:

  • Detection and Alarm
  • Means of escape
  • Means for fighting a fire
  • Emergency evacuation arrangements


Module 2 – Functions of a fire warden. This module shows the typical functions of a fire warden including carrying out fire safety inspections, assisting with fire risk assessments and helping with emergency evacuations. During this module, learners will follow a photo story of a fire warden, as she reacts to hearing a fire alarm.

Assessment: Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question multiple-choice test which when taken and passed will allow you to print off a certificate as proof of completion.

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