Driver Safety Awareness E-learning Course

The aim – The aim of this course is to reduce accidents relating to driving at work.

Who the course is for – This course is suitable for all people who may be asked to drive for work, whether using company transport or their own. The course is aimed primarily at the driver although any person who manages or organises driving activities will also find it useful.

Duration – 20 – 30 minutes

Content – The course is divided into five interactive modules:

Module 1 – learners follow the story of Steve, a worker who is put under pressure to drive to a meeting for a start time that is not achievable.

Module 2 – learners take an interactive journey. They ‘drive’ a car and are tested on their knowledge of the Highway Code.

Module 3 – looks at pre-journey checks.

Module 4 – looks at the factors to be considered when planning a journey.

Module 5 – focuses on the driver and safe driving practices. Learners must pass a short multiple-choice assessment to complete the course.

Assessment – Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question multiple-choice test which when taken and passed will allow you to print off a certificate as proof of completion.

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£15.00 + VAT 

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