If you’re an MOT Tester for Group B you need to know this:

The new MOT training/assessments are due to start on 1st May.

Even when furloughed, you can continue to train to keep up to date on industry specifics. So make sure you’re prepared.

We’ve highlighted the points you should be aware of and where you can find more info:

  1. Which vehicle categories DO fall under Group B?

       More info: The MOT Manual  Introduction Point 2

  • The requirements for issuing various documents

        More info: The MOT Guide Section H

  • The disciplinary points system 

        More info: The MOT Guide – Appendix 8 and Section I

  • The MOT inspection manual for cars and passenger vehicles

        More info: You need a general understanding of the MOT Manual

The new MOT training/assessments start today!

.Gov has made to both and what you must know before booking your assessment. Then call us on 0800 1777 344 or 07734859604 for help with any of your questions or to book your training.